Origin of the Rule

The chronicle of the Annunciade tells us that, Origin of the Rule, one day, Jeanne told Father Gabriel-Maria that she felt “compelled” by God and His Blessed Mother to confide the secret of her heart to him.

“Father, by the grace of God and not by my merit, when I was only five years old, one day at Mass, in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary and the crucifix, something

knocked at my heart and said:

“Before your death, you will found an Order of the Virgin Mary and in doing so, you will give me great pleasure and honour for the most worthy Mother of God”.

One day, she was praying to the Virgin Mary in order “to know what life she and the religious of her Order should life”, she heard within herself these words: 


“Have written everything that is written in the Gospel that I did in this world, make a rule out of it and find a way of having it approved by the Apostolic See.  Know that for you and for all those who observe it, it is the sure way of accomplishing God’s will”.

She then confided to father Gabriel-Maria, Franciscan, the draft of the text.  He seeks in the Gospel all the passages relating to the Virgin Mary: he finds that the evangelists make mention of only ten virtues, namely :

Purity, Prudence, Humility Faith, Dévotion, Obédience,  Poverty, Patience, Charity, Compassion.

It is not a code of observance, but rather the expression of living in the sight of God, at Mary’s example.  Thus, to be pleasing to God, the sisters “will have only to follow the Virgin Mary and her life as reported in the Holy Gospel".