The Monasteries of the Order


The Monasteries

The Monasteries of the Order of the Virgin Mary make up one united family according to the wishes of Saint Jeanne of France in the spiritual delection and fraternal charity.


Life of prayer

“Knowing how to praise God is the Science of sciences”

The Order is contemplative.  The sisters consider the Divine Office as  one of the most important missions entrusted by the Church to the monastery and to each of them.

  The beauty of the liturgy the sisters will express in the intoned psalms and singing of the Mass is a powerful means of apostolate.

The first apostolate of a contemplative is“the service of God in solitude and silence, assiduousprayer and a joyous penance”.


...That is why with the office they will spend at least one hour of personal prayer each day.

Fraternal life

Each monastery forms a family.  Its members will be unitedin a real fraternal charity which, with the service of God is the fundamental of the Order of the Virgin Mary.


That the sisters have the particular concern to maintain peace in themselves and in others. 



That the sisters have consideration for each other. That they help each other to live their vocation better and more fully, sharing their joys and sorrows.

Work accomplished as human evidence of poverty has a real ascetical and purifying value.Taken up with the humble attitude of Jesus and Mary,it takes the value of contemplation.


As Christ and the Virgin worked with their hands to live, the sisters also must compel themselves to the common law of the work ethic.

May the sisters show collective evidence of poverty.

The monastery willingly welcomes for short staysIndividuals or groups, young or adult, who are seeking marial atmosphere of prayer as well as a Franciscanfraternal joy.



The welcome, based on the ancient tradition of monastic hospitality, answers a particular pressing need in a world in search of silence and solitude.  The monasteries will encourage the welcome in a spirit of fraternal love and gentleness.




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