The Annunciade Fraternity

How many among us, having understood the spirit and the heart of the Virgin Mary, have discovered in themselves the profound desire to live this marial life, not in a cloister nor in the consecrated apostolic life, but right where they are.  And that, to please God.

That is the grace of light, which our founders offer us.

For a long time, many lay people aspire to enter more fully into this evangelical and marial ideal which, suddenly, has transformed their life.

We have heard their call, especially in this difficult period that we are all living through, and we hope that Saint Jeanne will reveal her secret to them: the imitation of the evangelical virtues of Mary: “The Way of Peace”.

More and more they approach us and, with us, want to unite and help each other; also, in our world so often distraught, they want to become, through Mary, workers of Peace.

Thus, “The Order of Peace” desired by our founders, became, in its new title “Annunciade fraternity: the way of peace”. To all those therefore desirous of living the Gospel based on the example of the Virgin Mary and to be workers for peace in their environment, some simple methods are offered to translate this spiritual inspiration into daily life.

1. Daily recitation of Saint Jeanne of France’s “Dizain” with meditating the evangelical virtues of Mary.

2. The production of a quarterly circular “The Marial Message” articles on spirituality, sharing of news.

3. Regular reunions.

4. A form of engagement, which will remain flexible.

5. Try to live each day in brotherly love and evangelical peace.

There are several of these fraternities.
So if you want to join any one of them please apply to:

Sister Marie de Nazareth, Monastery of Annunciade,
2135 Corniche André Tardieu 06500 MENTON
Tél. 04 93 35 76 92

Fraternities in France

1 rue Crochepierre

38 rue J.F Marmontel
94320 THIAIS


"Le Bartéu"

2135, Corniche André Tardieu
06500 MENTON

Fraternities in Belgium

Naamsesteenweg 355,
Avenue des Mille Mètres 9,


Fraternities in Africa

Religieuses Annonciades
République Démocratique du Congo

Religieuses Annonciade BP 86

Religieuses Annonciades, BP 1836


Hail, Mary, full of grace
Virgin… the Lord is with you
Blessed are you among women
And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Virgin most pure
Virgin most prudent
Virgin most humble
Virgin strong in faith
Virgin joyful in praise
Virgin most obedient
Virgin most poor
Virgin most patient
Virgin most charitable
Virgin most compassionate

We are asked

how to pray with us the Dizain of Saint Jeanne of France. Here are some suggestions:

Start with an Our Father

 then before each hail Mary, mention one of the Virgin’s virtues (as above):

purity, prudence, humility, faith, praise, obedience, poverty, patience, charity, compassion


insert the virtue into the Ave as shown above:

hail Mary full of grace, Virgin most pure, the Lord is with you…

hail Mary full of grace, Virgin most prudent, the Lord is with you…

In this manner we all meet in this prayer, which unites us through our Lady.