The Apostolic Annunciades

How did they come into being?
The Apostolic Congregations started in Veltem (Belgium) in the 18th century.  Father Pierre Jacques de Clerck founded them.

This priest was passionate about Jesus Christ.  Deeply attached to Him, rooted in the love of the Trinity, he allowed himself to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Full of the devouring zeal of the apostle, he believed with astonishing conviction that God always produces, in all ages, men and women to help Him build His kingdom.

 He is deeply convinced that God wants to make use of him, that he is called to become His “collaborator” in announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ, especially to the poor and the little ones.  That is why, in 1787, he opened his first school. Very soon, the young ladies who taught in that school becamethe first religious community. They adopted the apostolic leanings of the founder and embraced as spirituality, that of the Order of the Annunciade.  There was born the first community of the apostolic Annunciades.

In the 19th century, still in Belgium, from that beginning there came several branches of apostolic Annunciades.  Right now there are six communities in six countries and three continents: Belgium, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo; Guatemala and France since august 2000.

Wherever they are the apostolic Annunciades are animated by the spirituality of Saint Jeanne of France.  They are conscious that Mary is the model for any disciple of Jesus.  They aspire to enter into the frame of Mary’s heart, that is to say, like Jesus to do what is pleasing to the father.

 Their apostolic life is inspired especially by the mystery of the Annunciation.  They receive Christ from the Father by the action of the Holy Spirit to present Him to the world as Saviour.  With Mary in their midst they deliver themselves to the guidance and impulsions of the Holy Spirit in the missions entrusted to them.

They announce the Good News to all, by means of teaching, cure of the sick, catechesis, chaplaincy,inspiring young and not so young, shared prayer, organising retreats and meditation, developing (in the countries of the third world) meetings, monitoring  ... by all that they do and all that they are…

If you want to know more about the Apostolic Annunciade Sisters, their life and their missions,Here are their addresses:
Pastoor De Clerckstraat3,

Grote Steenweg 108,

Ysbergstaat 80,

Stoobantsstraat 79,

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