Monastery of theAnnonciade 2135 Corniche André Tardieu
06500 Menton (: 04 93 35 76 92 7 : 04 93 57 23 49

Based on the foundation of the Chapel of the castle of Puypin, cradle of the town of Menton since the XIth century, stand the Convent of the Annunciade.  In 1867 the Capuchins from Genoa settled on the Annunciade hill to minister this sanctuary. In February 2000, the Annunciades took over from the Capuchin Fathers of Lyons to perpetuate the prayer of the Church in this Marial centre.

The special feature of the Convent of Menton: to manifest in the Church of our time the 3 branches of the Annunciade family:  



The nuns follow a life of silence, prayer and work, and their apostolic Sisters in close union share the Chapel, the daily Eucharist, the chant of the Office, the welcome of pilgrims and the spread of the Marial spirituality of Saint Jeanne of France.


Attracted by the spread of this spirituality entirely centred on the Gospel, lay people now follow the path of conformity to Mary, to live the divine pleasure right in the heart of the world, in family, in professional life.


Tabernacle de la crypte


Each profoundly follows his individual vocation so that, on seeing them, pilgrims, tourists, passers-by, those seeking God, may “see” Mary still living in this world, in accord with the wishes of Saint Jeanne of France.  In this way each one can more easily find this good news:

The world is saved.