Saint Doulchard

Monastery of the Annonciade 115, route de Vouzeron 
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On the 16th of July 1988 : new Annunciade convent in the Berry at Saint Doulchard.

The re-establishing of a convent in the birthplace of the Order fulfilled the deepest whish of all the Annunciade convents and of the church represented by Monsignor Plateau, Archbishop of Bourges and Monsignor Girard, a longstanding friend of our Thiais convent.

This project came to fruition in a property called « Le Pressoir ». The building of this convent necessitated extensive repairs and the converting of the manor. The chapel, converted from an old barn, is beautiful in its simplicity and calls out for self-communion and the praise of the Lord.

The stained glass windows, joyful with sparkling colours, depict the principal devotions of Saint Jeanne of France. The word of God, Christ’s Passion and the Eucharist, also sketches of the Annunciation and the Rule.


Vitrail " La Parole de Dieu" 
œuvre de Maître Jacques Avoinet


Eight nuns, sent by the Convent of Thiais, currently lived in this convent.

When Mgr Pierre Plateau consecrated the Chapel, he saw the Convent as a « sign of rebirth and of hope for the Church of Berry and the centre of devotion to Marry, Mother of God, in her mystery of the Annunciation”.

In 1990, many friends and benefactors made possible the building of a reception centre. Many groups of the surrounding area and beyond assembled there to reflect, pray or resource themselves in an environment favourable to silence.





Week days


Mass Jeudi 10h 8h30 18h
Office Lauds 8h 8h
  Midday 11h45 11h 45
  Readine 13h 45 13h 45
  Soir 17h 30 17h 30
  Compline 21h 21h
Friday afternoon: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


Access to the Monastery:

   By road
By SNCF station of Bourges