Villeneuve sur Lot

Monastery of the Annonciade 1, rue Crochepierre
47300 Villeneuve sur Lot (: 05 53 70 04 33 7: 05 53 70 21 26

 This convent was founded in 1624. It’s existence had only one interruption between 1791 and 1816, unique accomplishment in the history of the Order in France.

Established by the convent of Agen which was itself founded in1533 by that of Albi (first foundation from Bourges in 1506) It can be considered to have been affiliated directly to the origin of the Annunciade.



It was on the 25 March 1624, feast of the Annunciation, that the sisters took possession of their convent on the left bank of the Lot, quite close to the church of Saint Stephan.

For 165 years they led their life of prayer and service in that convent of which, unfortunately, we have hardly any details, because the French Revolution dispersed them, and destroyed their possessions even the very buildings of which there remained not a stone upon a stone.

In 1791, the community consisted of 38 nuns and tradition has it that three of them were martyred for their faith.

In 1816, one of the former sisters (Rosalie Saint-Cyr de Coquard) succeeded in regrouping, in her own home, some Annunciades, from Agen, Marmande and Bordeaux regions, who had survived the troubles, thus the Annunciade was reborn in Villeneuve!




In 1863, the sisters took over their new home, built for them, again on the banks of the Lot, at the “Porte d’Agen’ planned expressly for the monastic life

In 1905, they avoided the expulsion laws. Hence it is in this same location that their contemplative life continues to this day.

Between 1960 and 1965, faithful to the tradition of monastic hospitality and in accordance with the directives of the Council of Vatican II various changes were made


  The Chapel is renovated

Welcome is relaxed for people seeking to deepen their faith in a place of silence and prayer.

A centre is established, where young students or workers can find personal and social broadening during their studies or on starting their working life.

Finally, cottage industry e.g. biscuit making, to help meet the needs of the community. (Other products of monastic make are also sold here).

In  2002, there are nine nuns in Community.

By the convent being situated in the heart of the town, local contacts are frequent and all who wish to do so, can enter the chapel, or join in the community liturgical prayer.


Hour of offices


Sundays &     Tuesdays

 Other days




Lauds 8h 8h
Midday 11h 30 11h 30
Readines 14h 14h
Vespers 17h 30 17h 30
Compline 21h 21h

To reach the convent

SNCF train to Agen then bus to Villeneuve sur Lot, bus stop “Old Station”.